Internship Classes



Learning the importance of honoring your leader’s vision & being a person of loyalty and faithfulness.


Media Dept.

Hands-on training & behind-the-scenes look at the various roles of the media and television department.


Graphic Design

Learning design software with hands-on classes, as well as the importance of technology’s role in the ministry.



Administration & Staff Management

Interns are taught administrative and management skills from proven leaders and instructors.

Personal Management

Personal management is a key to success. Interns will be given responsibilities to help improve their management skills.


The Local Church

Interns will be taught all of the various and important aspects of the local church and how to operate in them with excellence.



Ministry of Helps

From the kitchen crew to the security team, interns will have the opportunity to learn more about all of these MOH positions.


Preaching Lab

Interns will be taught how to prepare a sermon outline and then deliver a message in this class.


Music Ministry & Sound

Interns will gain experience in all of the different aspects of the music ministry, such as vocal lessons, song writing, operating equipment & flowing in praise & worship.



Children’s Ministry

Interns will be involved in learning how to create children’s curriculum and executing it with excellence.


Hosting Guest Ministers

Hosting a guest minister will put a demand on interns to learn how to properly serve a man or woman of God with honor.


Traveling Ministry

Interns will learn about the work that goes into managing a traveling ministry, such as conference planning and traveling arrangements.


The internship program is only available to students who have successfully completed their 1st & 2nd year of Bible school.